The MetroTones Pop Chorus

Greater Moncton's Largest Chorus Since 2001

                          Just for fun!

The MetroTones on YouTube:

MetroTones sing 'Let There be Peace on Earth' - Christmas 2007

MetroTones getting ready for their concert - June 2009

MetroTones still getting ready for June 2009

MetroTones - Christmas 2009

MetroTones - 10th anniversary concert - June 2011 - featuring 'Hallelujah'

MetroTones - June 2015 Concert


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Singing It To Perfection, His Version Of "Old Rugged Cross" Is Spine Tingling. - Through modern technology, the same man recorded all four parts separately, then put this stunning rendition of the "Old Rugged Cross" together. Kaoma Chende now lives in Michigan but is originally from Zambia, and has done a beautiful job with this beloved classic hymn originally written in 1912 by Goerge Bennard. It has been a gospel favorite sun by some of the world?s most famous recording artists. What a beautiful rendition of a wondrous hymn . CLICK HERE!

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International Virtual Choir

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Impromptu Piano Duet performing 'Old Grey Bonnet'


Jukeboxes: - Video and Lyrics - find what you'd like to listen to yourself!