The MetroTones Pop Chorus

Greater Moncton's Largest Chorus Since 2001

                              SPRING CONCERT 2016

JUNE 11, 2016                                REVIEWS

The MetroTones Concert Last Night was a BLAST!!!! Undoubtedly the best yet. Every concert I say that it will be hard to top that, yet they top it every time. What a treat to hear all those great Broadway songs which take you back when plays and movies had those great songs with great bands. The sound was perfect because the NEW RISERS had microphones on the back railing which not only made it safer for the singers but enhanced the volume of the tenors and basses and made it possible for all singers to be heard equally. The special effects lighting was an added treat and also the super slide show and visuals provided by Mary Campbell. The Pop Chorus was able to donate over $6,000 to the Lions Sick Children Fund and also over 3,000 pounds of food to the Food Depot Alimentaire. Peter and Pat did a swell job of directing and the many rehearsals paid off big time. And as usual, Loraine Joudrey did an excellent job as MC. The soloist were right on the mark. What talent! And thanks to Paulette Ward for her performance during the hit "One". Congratulations to all the performers including the Noteables and the fab four, The Metro Four. Well Done!!! And finally a big "Thank You" to all the volunteers, sponsors and over 1500 patrons who not only supported the singing group with two standing ovations but with their pocketbook to help pay for those NEW RISERS. What a night!!! -Bob Betts 

My husband said he heard so many great comments as well - he even heard several people say that they would love to have a CD of the show! -Paula Richard Power

Fantastic concert ... I am most impressed ... goose bumps ++++! - Linda Hooper

Great concert! -Carol Brooks

What a fantastic show. Kudo's to everyone for a great performance and well worth the standing ovation you received. Loved the Metro Four and the Noteables. Heard many great comments on the way out from patrons.

Ron & Carol Berry 

  I am a tad late posting about the Metrotones Show last night but certainly not due to being disappointed. This chorus group never ceases to amaze me. What a talented group of people and what a fantastic job they do not only singing, which is amazing but the charitable work that they have and do accomplish. You just keep getting better. Thank You -Kim Brown

One more note about the MetroTones concert last Saturday. As you may recall we performed with our new risers and I have to say the chorus members are very happy with them. You might also recall that we didn't quite have them paid for and that we had collection boxes set up for any donation of any size to help retire that debt without impacting the monies we donate to charities. Further we mentioned that we would have a similar collection at our Christmas concert if necessary. Well I am happy to let you know that there will be no collection necessary at our Christmas concert (Friday December 9, 2016 at the Wesleyan Centre at 7:30 p.m.!!!). Thanks to the generosity of our patrons on Saturday night the risers are paid for and the outstanding balance has been retired!! Thanks so much for your help. -BRIAN KINNEY 



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